Rosalinda and Bill - Oxford, NJ
Our first experience at a B&B has been more than we expected.   We plan to visit places like this in our future
travels and I am sure we will never forget, over the years, our visit with you.  Thanks!
Mike and Betty - Alfred, ME
We enjoyed our visit to your home so filled with obvious memories of the past which add to our personal
memory collection.  
Roy and Jean
Our pleasure!  Warm and cozy, Clean and comfortable!  Our highest recommendations will be shared.  Hope to
visit again.
Pete and Nieva - Stamford, NY
Slept well and so serene.  We thank you for pampering us!  Am sure I will escape and home here.
Evelyn Harrison - Edmonds, WA
You are gracious hosts.  This has been a magical, lovely stay.   It was great to meet your sheep, too!  Of
course I'll Recommend this slice of heaven to good friends and relatives.
Jon and Heather Roberts
What a beautiful stay....I especially loved the little porclein dolls and the sheep!